Sarnoff Corporation has developed a new iris scanning system that allows passengers to be scanned with only a glance, from a distance — Iris on the Move (IOM). This process just won “Best New Product Award and Best Biometrics and Identity Solution at the Security Industry Association New Product Showcase.” It may be a solution for identity safeguards at our nation’s airports.

This technology was developed under a government grant to create an iris recognition at a distance solution.

Sarnoff’s patented IOM biometric identification systems quickly and accurately capture the iris image of subjects in motion at distances of as much as 10 feet, verifying identities at speeds of up to thirty people per minute. Other iris scanning technologies require users to stop or stare directly into a scanner.

IOM systems deliver accurate identification regardless of whether the subject is wearing prescription glasses, most sunglasses, or contact lenses.

This system is now being tested by DHS and on the ground in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

IOM is ideal for Schiphol’s testing program since it’s a proven biometric verification system that operates differently from any other biometric identification solutions on the market today. The technology works by quickly capturing the iris image of a person in motion, combining the advanced security of iris recognition with the speed and convenience of a pass-through system.

Iris biometric is as unique as a fingerprint and, in fact, is faster than a fingerprint in providing positive identification.

How do you feel about iris scanning? This may be the wave of the future.