No more complaints about food on US Airways


Soon all the jokes about bad airline food will be passé on US Airways. The carrier is eliminating all snack food service on domestic routes.

Ahem… peanuts and pretzel mix that don’t weigh much are disappearing from the carts, but soft drinks that weigh about a pound each are still free. Seems like eliminating the inventory of soft drinks (keep only water) and stocking up on peanuts makes more sense. Go figure.

We have been down this route before, back in 2003. At that time the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suggested that passengers make their own snacks. It also included several excellent recipes for breads and muffins. They are still holding up to the tests of time.

On a more serious note: What will US Airways do about runway delays that may require a stash of food onboard? Their customer service plan says

The airlines will make every reasonable effort to provide food, water, restroom facilities and access to medical treatment for passengers onboard an aircraft that is on the ground for an extended period of time without access to the terminal, as consistent with passenger and employee safety and security concerns. Each carrier will prepare contingency plans to address such circumstances and will work with other carriers and the airport to share facilities and make gates available in an emergency.

Now US Airways can add “no food” the litany of other complaints that haunts this airline.