Northwest’s flight cancellations surge


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Northwest’s flight cancellations surge
Northwest Airlines has canceled more than 850 flights in the past week, mostly because of crew shortages that management blames on disrupted work schedules from past bad weather. But pilots blame it on bad planning. (USA Today)

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Making a scene at the airport
Have the frustrations of air travel ever made you see red? Have you ever crossed the line and gone really berserk? Many have, and I am not talking about just the psychopaths or the easily irritated; I’m talking about your average housewife, businessman and vacationer. Given the right provocation, even your granny could make a scene at the airport. (James Wysong)

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No takeoff, but 2 visits by the police
First the air-conditioning didn’t work. Then the flight was delayed. Finally, a passenger with a video camera began asking some tough questions. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Virgin to help fliers, private jet charters connect
For those who can’t abide flying with the masses, chartering a private jet may be getting a bit easier, though not necessarily cheaper. Billionaire Briton Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic Airways, is about to dip his toe into the tantalizing but murky waters of the private jet charter business. (USA Today)

Business travelers go green
Sure, you care about the environment; but in your hectic travel life, do you have time to behave in an ecologically responsible way? Now you do, thanks to new initiatives by the travel industry. (Forbes)

America West’s first pilot leaves US Airways
Randy McNerlin, the pilot who many consider to be America West’s first, retired Friday the day before his 60th birthday. Federal law restricts pilots age 60 and older from flying commercially. (The Arizona Republic)

U.S. warns soccer fans of Venezuelan riots
The U.S. State Department advised travelers to the Copa America to be aware of “security concerns,” and organizers moved one of the semifinals from Caracas to Maracaibo because of fears of crowd trouble. (AP)

Glass House opens for public tours
By design, Philip Johnson’s iconic Glass House evokes openness and accessibility. For decades, however, only the late architect’s friends and guests could visit the famed 1949 home and explore the surrounding 47 acres of New England countryside. (AP)

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Today’s Travel Blogs

Advice for the would-be expatriate
The writer advises people worried about the barriers to moving abroad to do some traveling first. Living outside your home country is harder than you think, and traveling better prepares you for the challenges of it. (Vagabonding)

A dozen money-saving tips for family travel
Traveling with the family is different from traveling on a business trip. It requires a different balancing of needs and preferences. And there’s no expense account, so planning will be required to maximize the value on your vacation dollars. (Fly Away Cafe)

Dickens World doesn’t meet great expectations
When we reported on the coming-soon Dickens World theme park a couple of months back, we were cautiously optimistic that a combination of fun and education might make for a good day out. But with opening day coming a month ago, we’ve heard that the Great Expectations were all a bit high. (Jaunted)

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