Norwegian cruise liner stranded in Antarctica


Norwegian cruise liner stranded in Antarctica — Nearly 300 passengers, including 113 Americans, were awaiting rescue Wednesday from a Norwegian cruise ship that ran aground off a remote Antarctic island, damaging its hull. (AP)

FAA seeks to let older pilots back into cockpit — Airline pilots would be allowed to fly until they turned 65 instead of the current retirement age of 60 under a proposal announced Tuesday by the Federal Aviation Administration. ( and NBC News)

CEO says Northwest has no plans to merge this year — Northwest Airlines plans to emerge from bankruptcy protection as an independent carrier and stay that way through 2007, CEO Doug Steenland said on Tuesday. (AP)

More airlines’ frequent flier miles expire faster — Travelers who infrequently use their frequent-flier accounts may have to kiss their miles goodbye. A growing number of airlines are establishing stricter policies that eliminate miles in inactive accounts. (USA Today)

Climate fears darken Eiffel Tower — The Eiffel Tower is to turn its famous night-time illuminations off for five minutes on Thursday to help draw attention to energy consumption and the environment on the eve of the release of a U.N. report on climate change. (Reuters)

Rewriting the room service menu
— At the hotels where most business travelers stay, room service has not gotten the kind of attention that has been lavished on fancy spas — at least not yet. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Take a stand even if it means not getting a seat — Nothing gives your principles a workout like a business trip. Taking a stand for your beliefs isn’t easy when you’re outside of your comfort zone, but the rewards can be significant. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Where do eagles dare? Everywhere — With the USA’s national emblem poised to depart the endangered-species list, where it has been perched since 1967, eagle tourism is taking flight. (USA Today)

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