Check out the beautiful photos of this hidden gorge a short hike up from Garmisch, Germany. This region is one of the most beautiful in the German Alps. The Partnach River surges spectacularly through a narrow, half-mile-long gap between soaring limestone cliffs

Partnach Gorge can be reached by a about a half-hour hike from the ski jump in Garmisch. The amazingly blue waters rush between the limestone walls that reach 80 meters (262 feet) in height.

This hike make a great day trip when the train to the top of the Zugspitz is closed due to cloud cover. The most adventurous can actually continue on the path past the gorge and follow the trail to the top of the Zugspitz. The hike to the top of the Zugspitz will take about eight or nine hours. Plan to stay the night at an Alpine hut along the way.

Admission prices:
• Adults: €2, or €1.50 with a Visitor’s Card.
• Children 5-16: €1.
• Disabled visitors: €1.

The gorge, or Klamm, as they call it in German, is open year-round. However, during the spring runoff, there is the possibility that the gorge may be closed due to high water.

A series of galleries and tunnels has been carved out of the rock along one side, allowing visitors to walk along the rushing river and duck behind waterfalls.