Please complete this GWU Travel and Tourism travel amenity survey


This survey is one of a series of surveys being done in conjunction with Travelers United and the George Washington University’s Travel and Tourism Department. The focus is on travel amenities.

Again, if you have any comments on the survey and its questions, please add them to the comments section below. This is an educational process where students are in charge of creating the survey and assessing responses.


  • Bill___A

    One of the things they tell you to watch for to be aware of scams like the Nigerian 419 scam is to be wary of bad English.

    If this survey is indeed sanctioned by GWU, which I had thought was a reputable institution, someone should tell them about the absolutely deplorable English on this survey. I realize that English is not everyone’s first language, but this one is so bad that I just closed it and didn’t finish. Shameful, really.

    Maybe the first lesson these students should learn is that to be credible, it should be more advanced than grade three grammar.