Record crowds expected for holiday travel


Record crowds expected for holiday travel — Unusually mild weather around most of the nation and the rarity of Christmas and the start of Hanukkah on the same date–Sunday–may boost holiday travel to record levels this weekend. (USA Today)

Subways roll on in New York — New York transit workers on Thursday called off a three-day strike that caused havoc in America’s most populous city at the height of the holiday season and which may have cost the economy $1 billion. (Reuters)

TSA changes? What changes? — New airport security guidelines that allow passengers to carry small scissors and other sharp objects were implemented Thursday at airports nationwide. The changes, though made to ease travel, will have little if any effect, some travelers said. (Houston Chronicle)

Simple fares, bankruptcies top stories of ’05
— The top five stories of the year include airline bankruptcies, simplified fares, and a rebounding lodging business. (BTN)

Feds deny antitrust exemption to Delta, Northwest — The U.S. Department of Transportation tentatively decided that Northwest Airlines Inc. and Delta Air Lines can’t coordinate prices and schedules with four European airlines. (Free Press)

Another airline ticket tax — The French Parliament on Thursday approved a tax on plane tickets that is supposed to help developing countries, paving the way for the money to be applied starting in July. (AFP)

Delta’s reign ends in Orlando — In its latest bid to cut costs, bankrupt Delta Air Lines wants to close two-thirds of its gates at Orlando International Airport, a move that would officially end its reign as the region’s most powerful and largest carrier. (Orlando Sentinel)

Study finds flight attendants harassed — Sexual harassment from passengers may help explain the poor health seen among female flight attendants, a new study suggests. (Forbes)

Consumer Reports: you better shop around — No one travel search engine is capable of delivering the lowest airline fare or the cheapest hotel rate, so consumers are advised to use multiple sites, Consumer Reports said. (InformationWeek)

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