Tucked into the end of a blog post about an increase in rental car rates at Boston was a more disturbing note for legacy carriers. While the airport saw an increase of six percent, legacy carriers accounted for only 14 percent of that.

…passenger numbers continue to rise at Logan after falling for more than a year, with a 6 percent increase in September from the previous September. Of the 126,309 additional passengers last month, 86 percent traveled on the airport’s four new carriers: Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, Sun Country Airlines, and Porter Airlines.

Part of that 14 percent increase went to JetBlue that is still growing in Boston, making the legacy carriers’ increase even more appalling.

The writing is on the wall. Legacy carriers are retrenching and folding back into their hubs and leaving the point-to-point traffic to the likes of Southwest, JetBlue, Virgin America and the like.

Increases in traffic for the low-cost carriers will keep growing. Legacy carriers seem destined to keep shrinking. Worse, they are planning on it.