Southwest raises its walk-up fares


Southwest raises its walk-up fares — Discount king Southwest Airlines increased some of its fares as much as $10 one way over the weekend, setting off another round of industrywide price increases just ahead of the December holiday travel season. (USA Today)

Boeing not afraid to say ‘sold out’ — Saying no to one of your best customers may not seem like a smart business strategy. But that is exactly what Boeing said this year to Southwest Airlines, which buys more Boeing planes than any other carrier, having taken delivery of 477 to date. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

AirTran will offer Phoenix-Atlanta flights — AirTran Airways plans to begin service between Phoenix and Atlanta in February, providing new competition for US Airways and Delta Air Lines. (The Arizona Republic)

Work away from work gets easier with technology — Trying to match the convenience and efficiency of the office while on the road is an ongoing battle for business travelers – and they are discovering new ways to stay productive. (USA Today)

25 tips from readers — The turkey has come and gone, but there are many miles of holiday air travel still to come, so James Wysong has dusted off 25 of his favorite tips from the flying public. Take a look. And hey, while you’re waiting at the airport for your next flight, how about sending James some of your favorite tips? (James Wysong on Tripso)

Florida tourism down in 2006 — Slightly fewer tourists visited Florida so far in 2006, potentially heralding the state’s first year-to-year drop in visitors since the terrorist attacks of 2001, figures released Monday show. (AP)

U.S. to ease travel curbs for central Europeans: Bush — U.S. President George Bush vowed on Tuesday to work to ease travel curbs for citizens of central and eastern European countries in an immigration policy change set to please allies that have helped Washington in Iraq. (Reuters)

Snowstorms create Washington headaches — A storm that dumped as much as 2 feet of snow on some parts of Washington state turned freeways and city streets into icy gridlock and left thousands of people without power. (AP)

Rich Chinese buying tickets to space — A Chinese businessman has paid $200,000 to become his country’s first space tourist, hoping for lift-off some time by the end of 2008. (Reuters)

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