Spring ski dummy downhill races


On the north rim of Lake Tahoe, two Nevada resorts, Mt. Rose and Diamond Peak, will be holding their annual “Dummy Downhill” races on April 5th. Both resorts are less than an hour from Reno, Nevada, and have great conditions right now.

Unfortunately both resorts are holding their Dummy Downhills at the same time and on the same day. Saturday May 5 at noon. Bummer! Take your pick and get out and enjoy the events.

The Mt. Rose Dummy Downhill takes place right in front of the main lodge. From what I gather, the Mt. Rose event is a speed event. Fastest dummy down the hill wins. Dummies are brought to Mt. Rose between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. for registration, then hauled up the mountain and let loose around noon. Mt. Rose is only 25 minutes from downtown Reno. BTW the photos at this link are lots of fun.

The Diamond Peak Dummy Downhill is a jumping event with all the attendant crash, burn and dummy yard sale visuals. The event rules are below.

Create a dummy and send it off a big jump on the Showoff run! Awards are given for longest jump, best crash, and more! Those who enter a dummy will receive a free commemorative T-shirt and can purchase a lift ticket to ski for the day for only $15 (limit 4 per dummy). The Dummy Downhill is open to the public and there are no registration fees. Dummies need to be at the base lodge by 11:00 am to be judged on creativity. The jumping will begin at noon and an award ceremony will follow along with live music. Dummy builders are encouraged to be as creative as they can. The following restrictions apply to all dummies: they can not be live, must not weigh more than 75 lbs, teams that build their dummies to lose parts as they crash will be required to clean up afterward. At least one person from each team must be available to transport and/or unload their dummy at the top of the launch. Winners will receive gift certificates to Aloha Skin Spa and Cosmo’s Footworks. The Dummy Downhill is a perfect Spring event!

Reno is a great base for heading to either resort for the Dummy Downhill events of for a day of great skiing and riding. At night, Reno is filled with entertainment, good restaurants, museums, plenty of shows and a thriving arts district.

Or, spend the day and stay on Lake Tahoe at a North Shore property. Either way it makes for a great weeknd.