Sunday musings: Other-worldly views, airport lost and found, hip hostels

Mt. Roraima, Venezuela

Today we go from the sublime, with outlandish photos of our world, to the mundane, with a focus on the backrooms of lost and founds. And, finally, take a look at good and cheap hostels that present unexpected bargains, of course with limitations.

25 places that look not normal, but are actually real

This is a clever promotion piece by Mini USA as they promote their un-normal small car. These photographs are breathtaking shots taken across the world that seem other-worldly. Seeing with new eyes is always an adventure.

Confessions of an airline lost and found agent

We’ve all done it — left something precious or valuable on an airplane or misplaced it at the airport or in a security line. Where do we go? The lost and found of the airport, TSA or the airport are spots that can be the greatest help when it comes to finding the misplaced. When we find what is lost we rejoice. Otherwise, we grumble.

Here’s an inside look at lost and found with Southwest Airlines.

Did you leave your camera, iPad, or teddy bear on the plane? Here’s how to get it back without a fuss. Plus, we’ve got the inside scoop about the silliest things discovered in the lost and found department at Southwest Airlines — and some of them might surprise you.

Imagine you have just returned home after a long flight and realize you’ve accidentally left your brand new iPad tucked in the airplane’s seat back pocket — what happens next? We talked to Robert Lehr, the manager of Central Baggage Services at Southwest Airlines, to find out how the lost and found department works to help reunite passengers with their favorite forgotten items, whether it’s a bag of precious Disney souvenirs or a camera full of photos from a dream trip to Hawaii.

“You just cannot imagine the things that we get. Really, anything that you can carry on a plane that you can get through security, we’re going to have in our warehouse. We’ve had everything in there. I saw a panda suit costume recently. We get a lot of things depending on the time of the year, like if there are certain holidays, for instance. I’ll give you an example with Mardi Gras; there just seems to be tons and tons of beads, masks, all kinds of things, Hurricane glasses — a lot of stuff from New Orleans during that time of the year. Also, during the Democratic National Convention, we were inundated with Obama bobble-head dolls.”

Hip hostels

Low on cost but high on style, these hostels cater to budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to sacrifice modern conveniences for price.