Thanksgiving survey results

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.

The percentage of our readers who stayed home for the holidays was 42.6 percent. Just over 34 percent flew and just under 23 percent drove. I forgot to ask about trains and those taking buses barely registered.

Of those who traveled by air, almost two-thirds of our readers made reservations online. The bulk of those reservations were made directly with the airline sites rather than through online travel agencies.


  • Biff Jones

    How can you have an accurate Thanksgiving survey when it’s closed before noon of the day after the weekend ended? At least give people time to get logged on to the internet and read their email.

  • Carrie Charney

    I tried to take the survey, but I could only say I made my reservations myself. Judging by the announcement, “You can find single seats in the first two cars,” I know others besides myself were traveling by train. I made my reservations on the Amtrak website.