Memorial Day weekend is not only time for the Indianapolis 500, it’s the unofficial start of the the summer travel season.

Which means, if you thought planes and airports were full before, they’re going to get worse; with more families and infrequent travelers.

Many of the added hassles these folks bring with them are trivial in the grand scheme of things. (I’m not talking about the parents who let their “little darlings” run wild, or the truly obnoxious travelers.) But, it doesn’t mean they aren’t irritating. Especially when you’re tired, running late, or both.

So in the spirit of cathartic venting, here are a few of my biggest “little things” that drive me crazy at the airport and on planes. Please chime in at the end in comments.

1. People who apparently have never been through a TSA line before and/or don’t read the papers.

We all can forget things in our pockets, but some folks can end up going through the detectors multiple times, a cellphone, coins in pockets, etc. A guy in front of me last week had not one, but two, cans of Red Bull in his carryon, which TSA found after they stopped him for a hubcap sized belt buckle.

2. People who get on moving walkways, clearly speak English, but decide that the “stand to the right, walk to the left” rules don’t apply to them.

At San Francisco Airport Friday, a middle-aged couple with large carryons stood completely blocking one walkway. When a young woman in a hurry asked them politely to move, the woman complied, but rather indignantly. She also then immediately went back to her blocking position.

3. People who remember everything they need out of their carryon, after they put it overhead.

We’ve all been there — a line backed up into the Jetway to board the plane, and someone gets to their seat, puts the bag overhead. And then stands in the aisle, and digs around in the bag for a book, and then maybe a new pillow, and then maybe a candy bar. Meanwhile, the line gets longer and your own carryon gets heavier and heavier.

4. People who forget that warmer weather might mean using more deodorant. Enough said.

So how about you, Consumer Traveler readers. What’s the little thing your fellow travelers do that drives you the craziest? Venting below might help avoid a meltdown at the airport.