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Travelers are already enjoying some of the benefits of our work, including:

• Chris Elliott’s help desk — the country’s largest volunteer, consumer travel help desk with more than 15,000 answers to queries and complaints.
• The 24-hour rule which allows passengers to cancel or change problem airline tickets and the full-airfare rule, which requires the advertised price to be the price for which airline tickets can be purchased.
• Increased compensation, up to $1,300 when passengers are faced with denied boarding or bumping; Up to $3,400 on domestic flights, plus a refund of baggage fees for lost and damaged luggage.
• A dramatic change that lets travelers know hotel resort fees when customers check in, rather than when they see the bill.

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The latest from Consumer Traveler

Time to put an end to dishonest fuel surcharges?
When my client had to cancel an intra-Africa ticket because of a canceled business meeting, she expected it to be nonrefundable. And it was, but Kenya Airways, like many

New carry-on size limits causing problems for some air travelers this summer
A friend of mine found out about United’s new carry-on size limits the hard way. He had to run back to the ticket counter to check it in because it was too wide.

Join the Travelers United revolution now!
Today, Travelers United is calling for travelers to join together to start a new revolution.

Should US law protect cruise clients on cruises departing from US ports?
The battle to add protections to cruise passengers against crimes at sea and add passenger protections to cruises faces rough seas.

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