Top travel videos 2012 from Vimeo


The staff of Vimeo, the competitor to YouTube for user-generated videos, selected some of the best travel videos posted during this past year. I have collected three of those selected here. The lead video, above, features a trip across the USA in three minutes. The second, a similar journey across South America. The final video here is vision of Chicago by night.

Road Trip USA
This creative video records a trip from San Francisco to New York. The editing and total effect of the video is amazing. I found myself trying to identify all of the places that the video flashes by. No pun intended, it’s a trip.

In South America 2012
This video documents a trip through South America including, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil, in a old and rusty Landrover. Unlike the USA trip above that is photographed in sequence, this video jumps from Southern Brazil to Southern Argentina and from Chile to Bolivia, but the overall effect presenting a continent is spectacular. It is even better for those who recognize the various countries. Those who don’t may want to visit.

Cityscape Chicago

This time-lapse video of Chicago by night is by Eric Hines. It presents a colorful video of Chicago when most would expect darkness. At his site, he has other time-lapse photography videos that paint wonderful pictures of Wyoming and Indiana.