Train crash in Brazil leaves 8 dead


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Train crash in Brazil leaves 8 dead
A speeding train carrying hundreds of commuters slammed into an empty train near Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, killing eight people and injuring more than 80, officials said. (AP)

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Traveler comments that make you say ‘Duh!’
David Letterman has his “Stupid Pet Tricks.” Now, John Frenaye has his “Stupid Traveler Tricks.” Well, maybe not “tricks,” but these traveler comments are definitely enough to make you shake your head. It will make you wonder how these people make it out of the garage in the morning, much less navigate the complex world of travel. (John Frenaye)

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FAA: Holiday weekend weather looks OK for air travel
The weather forecast looks OK for Labor Day weekend fliers, according to a travel update from the head of the Federal Aviation Administration. (AP)

Iraqi travelers part of ‘unfortunate situation’
American Airlines flight 590 from San Diego finally made it to Chicago late yesterday, after being delayed in an incident involving passengers heard speaking Arabic. (AP)

Southwest jet damaged in bird strike
A Southwest Airlines jet has been fixed and returned to service after a bird strike tore a 6-inch hole in the skin of the plane and damaged part of the tail section, the carrier said Thursday. (AP)

Help sought for frustrated travelers in N.J.
New Jerseyans are used to air-travel aggravation. Newark Liberty International Airport had the nation’s worst on-time arrival record of any major airport last year and the third worst for getting planes off on-time. New Jersey’s smaller airports aren’t much better. A New Jersey lawmaker wants to help passengers battling such frustrations.

Travelers arrive at Facebook
Hatched in a Harvard University dorm room three years ago as a way to keep tabs on fellow students, the social networking site Facebook is becoming a go-to destination for travelers – and not just the type who frequent youth hostels or friends’ couches. (USA Today)

Today’s Travel Blogs

‘Glitch’ causes Orbitz rental car name switch
Orbitz this evening is expected to alert customers to a “glitch” that may affect several thousand car rental reservations. In a memo sent to car rental companies yesterday, Krista Markowski, a senior account manager, warned that the electronic hiccup, “may create a customer service issue at the counter.” (

Summer vacations with an edge: rockin’ and rapids
Those looking back and finding their summer deficient of both blues licks and whitewater rafting might want to head out for Wildman Whitewater Ranch’s Labor Day Music Fest in Athelstane, Wisconsin. (Jaunted)

Vacation packages to space
The latest frontier in tourism isn’t off-the-beaten path Eastern Europe or chilly Antarctica, it’s space. But the space package, which includes training, flight, and space accommodations, will cost you. (Smarter Travel)

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