We all know the experience of meeting someone along our flight path who is constantly complaining about air travel. They drone on about how miserable their trip has been by recounting every single obstacle, delay or cancellation that has stood in their way.

In their mind, it is a mathematical certainty that the next leg of their journey is destined to be even worse than before. They’ve made their decision – life at 30,000 feet is miserable.

Comedian Louis CK shared his views on this phenomenon of human emotion as part of a recent appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show.

His humor and pinpoint perspective on the amazing world we live in today is a drastic contrast to the disgruntled traveler. It would do us all some good to enter our air travel experiences with this energized and adjusted perspective.

How would our personal experience and the world as a whole be impacted if we all truly were able to approach air travel with this foundational sense of awe?

How would our days be different if they began with a sense of gratitude instead of a spirit of entitlement?

Maybe the only thing that is ‘miserable’ about air travel is our approach. Let’s change it.

Jason Barger is author of Step Back from the Baggage Claim: Change the World, Start at the Airport.