Travelers United — become a Founding Member, help us do good


Travelers United launched earlier this month and is gathering founding members. Join together with us so that we can aggregate travelers to help one another when faced with disappearing frequent flier miles, ticket rebooking fees, unhonored hotel reservations or unjust damage claims filed by rental car companies after return.

JoinUsStar_150And, to create a united voice that is heard in Washington as travel policy decisions are made that affect every traveler regardless of whether they are very frequent business fliers or occasional vacation travelers.

Our efforts have already resulted in advertising rules (now being contested by the airlines) that require the advertised price to be the price for which travelers can purchase airline tickets. In other words, the advertised price includes all mandatory taxes and fees.

Travelers United was instrumental in getting denied boarding or “bumping” compensation raised to $1,300 in cash, not airline scrip, for passengers removed from their flight who arrive at their destination more than 2 hours late. Travelers United also worked with the Department of Transportation to raise compensation for lost luggage to its present level of $3,400 dollars.

tuPlus, Travelers United is involved in ongoing efforts to extend US laws to cruise lines that sail and return to the USA, limit rental car taxes that have nothing to do with airport facilities, and stop the airport-led efforts to raise the prices of landing from $4.50 to $8.

And, where possible, we do not only fight with travel providers, we work together. We have worked with hotel associations in examining privacy issues and protection of personal information. We are working with airlines and avionics producers on moving the implementation of a new air traffic control system to eliminate bottlenecks. We are involved with BrandUSA as it strives to improve the experience of visitors to our country. Travelers United has collaborated with Customs and Border Protection to speed up passport and customs controls at airports where waits have become uncomfortably long.

JoinUsStar_150Becoming a Travelers United founding member means you’re taking a stand for a better travel industry and better customer service. We are truly an organization of travelers helping travelers. But as we grow and with your help, we’ll become a large enough membership organization that we can wield enough influence to do real good for all travelers and have more impact in Washington.

Thus declare your freedom from bad trips by joining Travelers United. Join our customer service revolution where travelers can help travelers. Here’s how.

In the future we will be conducting membership drives that will include prizes such as luggage, signed books, free rental cars and, at the end of the year, two free Southwest Airline tickets to any Southwest destination in the country. As a Founding Member you will be automatically included in each of these drawings.

Welcome aboard to a world of better travel for consumers.

  • Rodolfo

    I need some clarification. A few weeks ago Chris Elliott wrote a piece in which he said some loyalty programs should be banned by the government. He is obviously hostile to them. On the other hand, I participate actively in loyalty programs and benefit from them. I’m leaving for the South Pacific tomorrow on miles. Is that just his personal opinion or is working to get the federal government to ban loyalty programs part of this organization’s agenda? If so, I could not join such an organization, so I need to know.

  • Charlie Leocha

    The opinions expressed by Chris Elliott are his own. Travelers United has been working on issues regarding frequent flier protections. Earlier this year, full denied boarding protection was extended to frequent fliers by DOT. We were involved together with DOT throughout that process. We work to insure that frequent flier tickets are treated the same as paid tickets when it comes to consumer protections.

    Chris is a journalist who expresses his opinion and works to help consumers through his help desk and the media. He does not, nor has he ever worked with DOT or Congress as an advocate.

    If you travel as much as you seem to, you should be a member of Travelers United and work together with us to shape more customer-friendly policies and be part of our surveys.

  • Rodolfo

    Thanks for the explanation.