Travelers United helped 15,000+ travelers last year — Join us, travelers helping travelers


We helped more than 15,000 travelers last year with problems ranging from unjust airline change fees to cruise cancellation fees and mistaken car rental damage charges to smoking-in-hotel-room fines.

This July Travelers United is launching another revolution — a revolution against bad customer service, unjust fees and unfair travel charges.

Join us. Your membership helps us help others. And, who knows, your time may be coming soon. Plus, we run the most respected travel advocacy group in Washington, DC, that has successfully worked to make the life of travelers better, limit hidden fees and keep advertising honest.

tuNot just a revolution for freedom of movement, unencumbered by frivolous security checkpoints at airports and long lines at rental car counters, but also freedom from hassles like extra resort fees and cruise line surcharges, and from terrible customer service.

You may remember a world in which airport security was a breeze, “gotcha” fees were rare and service was almost always rendered with a smile.

You want that world back.

So do we.

That’s why we created Travelers United, a new membership organization that promises to make travel better for everyone.

Travelers United, launching this month, is the only membership organization that represents all travelers: airline passengers and drivers; business travelers and leisure travelers; passengers in the back of the plane and in first class.

We want everyone to have a safe, comfortable and pleasant journey, regardless of how much they paid or the color of their loyalty card.

Here’s what your Founding Member $20 annual donation allows us to do:

• We have an office in Washington where we push the consumer agenda every day. We go toe-to-toe with DC’s well-paid airline, rental car, cruise line and hotel lobbyists to represent everyday travelers. And, over the past five years, we have some dramatic wins for consumers.

• We have the travel industry’s biggest volunteer help desk, with tens of thousands of cases resolved every year. When you need help, we’re here for you, whether it is a case of disappearing frequent flier miles, ticket rebooking fees, unhonored hotel reservations or unjust damage claims filed by rental car companies after return.

• As we grow, we plan to work together with you to add even more benefits — member-sourced reviews of websites, rankings of service for families, customer service staff and “best-of” lists. Search engines only list websites; through our fellow members we can learn which ones are the best. Plus, we will add to our group of travel discounts and white papers about travelers rights.

Right now, becoming a Travelers United founding member means you’re taking a stand for a better travel industry and better customer service. We are truly an organization of travelers helping travelers. But as we grow and with your help, we’ll become a large enough membership organization that we can wield enough influence to do real good for all travelers and have more impact in Washington.

Thus declare your freedom from bad trips by joining Travelers United. Join our customer service revolution where travelers can help travelers. Here’s how.