TSA considers reservations for airport security


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TSA considers reservations for airport security
Like golfers who reserve tee times and diners who reserve restaurant slots, airline passengers may be able to reserve the time they go through airport security. (USA Today)

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How not to fly: 10 mistakes to avoid on an airplane
Air travel is full of mistakes waiting to happen. There are the errors we make at home before the trip, and the ones we make at the airport, and of course the ones we make once we get where we’re going. But some of the worst mistakes are the ones people make on the airplane. James Wysong sets folks straight. (James Wysong)

From Tripso’s Forums: A recent discussion on touring Paris brought this response: “Although the sightseeing is fantastic… my best times were when I was living the city, not just visiting it.” Join the discussion.

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More travel news

More hotels merge on to Wi-Fi highway
Even by the warp-speed standards of the Internet age, demand for Web access at hotels is growing rapidly, and hotel owners are attempting to respond. (USA Today)

Speeding up security checks comes slowly
Six years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, registered traveler (RT) programs — which promise to speed participating fliers through post-9/11 airport security — are still struggling to take off, although recent launches of RT programs at major U.S. airports are slowly turning the concept into reality. (Aviation)

Bill would shield kids from violent movies on planes
A new bill, the Family Friendly Flights Act, calls for the creation of sections on commercial flights where there would not be any viewable movie screens. It would still allow airlines to continue showing the movies they choose on screens located in other sections, as well as on individual screens. (AP)

Former Idaho mining town finds new life
Kellogg, Idaho, may seem an unlikely candidate for the Pacific Northwest’s latest vacation hot spot, but this former mining town has survived decades of decline to boom once more. (AP)

10 things travel insurance doesn’t cover
Most people don’t bother to look at the fine print when they sign up for travel insurance. Here are some common exclusions and exceptions that Airfarewatchdog.com has found. You should consider them before you plan your next trip. (Aviation)

Today’s Travel Blogs

You can book New York’s The Plaza again
The venerable hotel at the foot of Central Park is turning 100 and reopening by early January after a two-year, $400 million renovation. (Hotel Hotsheet)

Iceland Express impresses
When we heard this week that little-known European low cost carrier Iceland Express had won an award for the best LCC website, we were instantly intrigued. And while cheap flights in and out of Iceland might not be a top priority on too many traveling agendas, keeping in touch with Iceland Express’s website and especially their blog might get you to change your mind. (Januted)

Ken Burns discusses The War at New York Public Library
If you’ll be in NYC on Thursday, September 27th, 7 pm, you can see Ken Burns at the New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street). (Fly Away Cafe)

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