TSA plan to gather more data protested


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Today’s Top Story

TSA plan to gather more data protested
A government proposal to start collecting birth dates and genders of people reserving airline flights is drawing protests from major airlines and travel agencies that say it would be invasive, confusing and “useless.” (USA Today)

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before you head to the airport and line up for that next trip through the security checkpoint, take a moment to review these bite-sized tips for getting you and your stuff merrily past the metal detectors. (MSNBC.com)

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Theatergoers lined up for tickets Thursday as Broadway returned to business following a crippling 19-day strike that cost producers and the city millions of dollars. (AP)

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Pittsburgh to celebrate 250th birthday
Note to Pittsburghers: Take what you think you know about the Steel City, wad it up into a little black-and-gold ball and throw it away. That’s what the organizers of Pittsburgh’s 250th birthday celebration are hoping that people from here — and around the country — will do next year. (AP)

Today’s Travel Blogs

What airlines say about us when we’re not around
Ever wonder what airline employees say about us when our backs are turned? Then you probably would have wanted to be a fly on the wall at last month’s Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association (WACRA) conference in Bahrain. The theme of the conference, “Shifting Sands,” was telling in and of itself. But it gets better. Much, much better. (Elliott.org)

Grandma, skydiving, and the value of points
Hilton wants you to “give grandma the gift of skydiving this holiday season.” But does redeeming HHonors points for merchandise make more sense than getting a free night? (Smarter Travel)

Where to ice skate in LA
Southern California is best known for its beaches, warm temperatures and constant sunshine–along with raging wildfires, smog and plastic surgery. It’s not, however, known for spitting out champion hockey players or world-class figure skaters. (Jaunted)

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