TSA starts airport security blog


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Today’s Top Story

TSA starts airport security blog
Frustrated by long airport-security lines? Certain those screeners aren’t paying attention? Wondering why your grandma always gets frisked? The federal government wants to hear — or at least read — your gripes at the “Evolution of Security” blog the Transportation Security Administration introduced Wednesday. And it promises those complaints and suggestions won’t vanish into thin air. (AP)

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What’s New On Tripso

A mystery charge on a rental car in Madrid
What is “Super CDW” — and why is it on Richard Murai’s credit card bill after he rents a car from Alamo in Madrid? The car rental company’s Web site is less than clear about the fee, and Murai’s credit card company refuses to get involved. Is he stuck with the bill? (Christopher Elliott)

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More travel news

Tighter U.S. border ID rules begin
New rules for the types of identification U.S. or Canadian citizens must present to cross into the country shouldn’t cause significant delays and won’t be strictly enforced at first, a senior federal official said. (AP)

Private jet companies score in Super Bowl
Super Bowl mania has spread to the nation’s airspace: Private-jet companies are charging up to $70,000 for a flight in and out of the Phoenix area for Sunday’s football spectacle. (USA Today)

Central U.S. gets winter blast – again
The nation’s midsection woke up Thursday to more bad weather, this time a storm that iced over parts of the Southern Plains as it moved northeast to cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis. (NBC News)

Stop delays from being disasters
Sometimes a little bit of courtesy, communication and a bit of luck can make a big difference when you’re stuck at the airport. (MSNBC.com)

Today’s Travel Blogs

Hilton scraps HHonors reward restrictions
In a move that will reverberate throughout the travel loyalty space, Hilton has announced that HHonors award nights will be free of blackout dates and capacity controls. (SmarterTravel)

Richard Branson now hyping Virgin Russia
Good Lord, Branson! Why don’t you just announce that you’re starting an airline in every country on Earth and be done with it? We know it’d be an awesome press conference. (Jaunted)

Southwest announces new baggage policy
The free baggage allowance for each ticketed Customer will change from three to two bags. And, among other changes, passengers can now substitute a pair of skis for a baby stroller. (Gadling)

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