The airline that only three years ago was considered by many to be a basket case has continued its climb in DOT’s quality ratings. From being rated last only three years ago, US Airways has climbed to #2 among legacy carriers and #5 among America’s top 10 airlines.

Its been a long time since I flew on US Airways. Once, I maintained elite status on the airline because of frequent flights between Boston and Charleston, SC. Since those days, my USAir flying stopped. In fact, until this month, I had not flown on USAir since its takeover by America West. Recently, I have begun taking their shuttle between Boston and DC and just flew back and forth between DC and Phoenix.

The change in the airline since the old days is palpable. The planes are newer, cleaner and well maintained. And my recent flights have been on-time. It turns out that my experience wasn’t a fluke. DOT’s quality numbers bear out this airline’s return to respectability.

What are your experiences? Is this airline many have loved to hate really making a move in the real world of travelers?