U.S. leisure travel expected up in ’08


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U.S. leisure travel expected up in ’08
Leisure trips and travel spending are expected to continue modest growth through 2008, but travel preferences are changing, according to the Travel Industry Association’s annual forecast. (AP)

Should NASA release the results of its recent pilot survey? Cast your vote.

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Plane spooky
Gather round while I tell you stories of strange goings-on in the sky, tales of bizarre happenings and unexplained coincidences that will send shivers up your spine. If you are easily spooked by airplane disasters and conspiracy theories, this collection of stories may not be for you. Enter at your own risk. James Wysong reprises his Halloween column from last year. (James Wysong)

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More travel news

Deadly Noel could become hurricane off Florida
Tropical Storm Noel weakened slightly as it moved inland over northern Cuba on Tuesday, but the storm that killed at least 20 people in the Dominican Republic was expected to briefly become a hurricane later in the week somewhere near the Bahamas. (MSNBC.com)

Airfares fell in second quarter
The average price of a plane ticket on U.S. airlines fell 4.5% in the second quarter from year-ago levels, the government said. The average price of a domestic roundtrip plane ticket fell to $326 in the second quarter, according to the Transportation Department’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics. (AP)

Travelers changing habits
Travelers are checking in from home, checking more luggage, using different airports and trying to economize on hotels and car rentals in response to higher prices, increased flight delays, and other changes in the travel industry, according to Orbitz.com’s quarterly Traveler Update Report. (AP)

N.Y. airport to get rid of cats despite outcry
Authorities at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport began rounding up wild cats and kittens on Monday as part of a plan to get rid of them, despite an outcry by animal rights groups. (Reuters)

All-inclusives made easy: 10 steps for planning your trip
Booking an all-inclusive in the Caribbean can be all-consuming. Unlike a standard hotel, there are myriad variables to consider: Do you want a full bar in your room or will bottled water suffice, full or limited access to the pools and restaurants, freedom to roam the town or guided tours only? To simplify the process, follow these 10 steps to finding and reserving an all-inclusive. (The Washington Post) (Registration required.)

Today’s Travel Blogs

What the hell? A passenger perspective on airline earnings
Unless you’re a day trader or an industry insider, you probably don’t pay much attention to the airlines’ quarterly earnings reports. But if you did, you’d notice that this quarterly crop of earnings reports is terrific, even though it coincided with one of the worst quarters for customer service in the history of the airline business. Just for kicks, I decided to compare the latest government report card with the major airlines’ financial performance. Here are the worst performers by category. (Elliott.org)

Virgin America planning supermodel PJ party
Virgin America will host its first in-flight PJ party on flight 317 from JFK to LAX on November 28. Passengers can look forward to an in-flight runway show, makeovers and other activities. And, oh yeah, two of these Victoria’s Secret supermodels. (Jaunted)

Still time to plan a fall foliage drive
It’s not too late to take in this year’s beautiful colors of fall. The unseasonably warm weather in most parts of the country has delayed the burst of color of the fall foliage. In talking to friends around the country, it seems that we are a week or two behind the normal foliage schedule. (Fly Away Cafe)

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