Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline


Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline — Gasoline prices, already above $3 a gallon in some states, could charge higher this summer and hit $4 a gallon in some locations, according to one industry expert. (CNN/

Tripso Traveler: Anzac Day: April 25, 2007 — Tripso columnist Charles Leocha had a chance to sit through a high school convocation celebrating this Australian holiday with a full orchestra and students singing. (Charles Leocha on Tripso)

Airline ratings helpful, but go with surveys for best flight experience
— AQR scores may be helpful in selecting an airline with the lowest risk of being delayed or having your bags lost, but they won’t tell you anything about how good a flight you’re likely to have. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Traffic crashes a concern for U.S. travelers abroad — Traffic crashes accounted for the deaths of 741 U.S. citizens traveling overseas from 2004-2006, or about one-third of the 2,364 deaths, according to an analysis of State Department data by the Make Roads Safe Campaign, an independent, nonprofit group funded by a charitable foundation in the United Kingdom dedicated to reducing global traffic deaths and injuries. (AP)

Discounts can hold down car-rental costs — Renting a car for summer holidays can be an expensive proposition, but there are strategies consumers can adopt to hold down the price of the vehicle as well as the costs for fuel and insurance. (AP)

Tipping tips for travelers — When staying in a hotel it’s a good idea to know the appropriate amount to tip a bellman who totes your luggage to your room, a housekeeper who cleans up the crumbs from last night’s room service meal and the valet who rushes to get your rental car from the parking garage. (

US Airways to beef up airport check-in services — US Airways, which has experienced problems in combining its reservation system with another airline it merged with, said Thursday it plans to put 1,000 workers in airports this summer to help passengers get on flights. (Reuters)

Northwest Airlines adds gift registry — Gift-wrapping a 747 is no fun, but Northwest Airlines has added a way to give travel as a present. The carrier has added a gift registry to its website. Frequent-flyers who open a registry account can describe their travel plans, and family and friends can contribute $25 or more by credit card.

Travel insurance often not needed — Since the horrors of 9/11, the travel-insurance industry has grown rapidly. Americans now spend more than $1 billion annually on its products, with about 30 percent of travelers purchasing one type of coverage or another, up from just 10 percent before the terrorist attacks. (Consumer Reports/Allentown Morning Call)

10 hot honeymoon spots — Weddings involve life-altering decisions, so when planning your post-knot-tying getaway, be sure that the most important decision you’ll have to make is “shade” or “sun.” That’s the beauty of the countless packages offered in all of the tried-and-true honeymoon spots (Forbes Traveler)

Italy’s heel has it all, except tourists — Puglia has some of the brightest seas, most diverse art and architecture, most mouthwatering peasant cuisine and kindest people in all of Italy — including strangers who will go out of their way to lead you to one after another stunning beach on impossibly lapis-lazuli waters. (AP)

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