Weekend survey: Do you plan to travel more in 2011?


Planning to go somewhere next year?

I’m interested in knowing if your vacation itinerary will be busier in 2011 than it was this year. Is the improving economy encouraging more travel? Or are you staying closer to home in 2011?

Here’s the survey.

Also, please send me a quick note and tell me why you’re traveling more (or less) and where you’re planning to go. (As always, please include your full name, city and occupation. Your answer may appear in a story.)

This survey is being conducted on behalf of the Consumer Travel Alliance.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

  • Barbara


  • Carrie Charney

    Since I have not yet been subjected to the new scanners and have not even been patted down, let alone groped, I plan to keep traveling as much as possible. I must fly in order to see some grandkids and other relatives. As a retired senior, my trips are all for leisure.

    If something interesting comes along, I go for it. For instance, about five weeks ago, I decided to fly to Singapore while a friend of mine still has an assignment there. It was pretty spur of the moment. I didn’t have to stay in a hotel and I still have platinum status on Continental (thanks to last year’s promotion,) so I was able to upgrade using miles. Curiously enough, the fare actually went down a couple of hundred dollars two weeks after I purchased the tickets and just two weeks before the trip. I’m not complaining. To pay for business class and the good service I got would have cost a lot more,

    I sure hope I didn’t put a hex on the ease of my going through security. I fly again in a few days.

  • Hapgood

    Unfortunately, the precarious health of my aging parents precludes anything more than day trips from home for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, the area where I live offers enough exciting day trips for a lifetime. So I’m treating my situation not as a restriction but as an opportunity to enjoy the many local treasures I would have otherwise overlooked.

    Had I not been accorded this opportunity, I would still avoid flying in favor of road trips. Or perhaps I might try reducing the stress on both myself and our beleaguered, overheated Mother Earth by relaxing on a leisurely Amtrak train as the panorama of our beautiful country slowly glides by.

    The combination of the arrogant TSA (which continually erodes our time, money, liberty, privacy, and now basic human dignity with no reason to believe it provides any useful security) and airlines that treat passengers as self-loading cargo to be charged a fee every time it moves has led me to conclude that flying is no longer worthwhile. There are too many places worth exploring that don’t require subjecting myself that ordeal. I find this conclusion regrettable, but apparently both the airlines and the TSA are merely providing what the majority of us want: cheap fares and the illusory feeling of security.

    Again, I don’t consider this unfortunate situation a restriction or limitation, but an opportunity to enjoy places I had overlooked in the days when travel to distant continents was convenient and even enjoyable. When life gives you synthetic lemon flavoring, it’s always best to add a little Aspartame and tartrazine and make lemon-flavored beverage!

  • jtb9110

    Take the train if you can.