Weekend survey: What do you think of Google’s plans to buy ITA Software?


You may have heard about Google’s plans to buy ITA Software, the company that powers many online travel sites. If you haven’t, catch the lively debate (above). How fun!

So what do you think?

Should the dominant Internet search engine be allowed to buy the dominant developer of airfare search systems? Will this create a monopoly — or lower prices?

Here’s the survey.

Here are the real-time results.

Do you think this acquisition has any relevance to travelers? Or is this just an “inside baseball” issue? Send me a note, and please don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

Have a great New Year!

  • Sheldo

    I LOVE the ITAsoftware.com site. I have been using ITA software for years, even well over a decade ago when it was ‘Beta’ testing (wasn’t the software invented by some guys at MIT?) They didn’t include SWA. It has been an innovative and efficient web site, and the first place I still go to research airfares, not Google. I hope if Google buys ITA, it will continue to evolve and improve the site as it has done over the years.

  • Carrie Charney

    I’m always against a monster company snatching up more to become a mega-monster company. However, I opted for “IT-Who?” as I have no idea who they are.

  • Annette

    This is Google, the company that “accidently” collected tons of personal information from unsecured wireless networks while photographing people’s houses, and then apparently didn’t realize it. A company that loves to use what you do online to tailor advertising directed personally at you. How wonderful for them to have access to your travel plans as well.