Weekend survey: What matters most to you in an airline ticket?

This weekend’s survey is a little different. I want to know what you want the most in an airline ticket, and have compiled a short list of the qualities I think you’ll want to choose from.

But since surveys can’t possibly include every option, I’ve also added a write-in section where you can add a characteristic that I may have missed.

Here’s why I’m asking: Airlines claim they know what we want. They say we only care about one thing — a low base fare. Everything else is secondary.

I wonder if that’s true.

Here’s the survey.

And a quick follow-up question: Have you ever felt that an airline has offered what it thinks you want at the expense of what you actually want? Can you think of an example?

Please share your thoughts with me and don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

  • Susan

    What do I want in an airline ticket? I want the gate agents to strictly enforce the carry-on rules. That would gain my complete loyalty. In addition if they scrapped the checked-luggage fees and charged for carry-on the number of bags not clogging up secuirty would be huge.

    That’s all it would take. Customer for life.

  • The Good Doctor

    Yeah – permitting me to “save” money by separating the ticket price from the bag handling “fee.” It hasn’t saved me a buck. That’s why I’m switching to Southwest.