Weekend what we’re reading: Czech’s new Havel Airport, UA’s 2-day delay, Canada’s airport security follies


This week we learn about the renaming of the Czech Republic’s main airport for their ex-President Havel, United has problems crossing the Pacific and Canada has it’s share of security problems irritating the public.

The Czech government will rename the main airport in Prague to honor deceased former President Vaclav Havel

The renaming of Prague’s international airport for former President Havel has been approved with strong government and public support. This comes just before Little Rock, Arkansas, announces they will rename their airport for Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Havel, a former anti-communist dissident and playwright, was jailed by the country’s totalitarian rulers before the 1989 bloodless “Velvet Revolution” catapulted him to the presidency.

Havel is acclaimed for his peaceful resistance to the oppressive government in the 1970s and 1980s that inspired human rights campaigners around the world and won him respect from leaders ranging from former US President George Bush to the Dalai Lama.

United flight to Shanghai delayed two days in Anchorage because of faulty loo

Doubling down on a delay, United Airlines managed to first have to cancel a transpacific flight because of an inoperable toilet. Then after an overnight delay the replacement aircraft had another mechanical problem that led to another overnight delay. Try and try again. On the third day the flight finally made it to Shanghai.

Flight 857 left San Francisco at around 2:00 pm and within three hours it was determined that broken toilets would force the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Anchorage Alaska said United spokesman Charles Hobart.

It looked like the worst was over the next day when passengers boarded the replacement Boeing 777 at around 3:00 pm to continue their journey, but it was not to be. The replacement plane had mechanical problems.

Passengers sat on the tarmac until 8:00 pm and then lined up for the meal and hotel vouchers yet again.

Air Canada flight attendant plays security agent, denying passenger carry-on pinata

Sometimes we complain when TSA agents don’t seem to think for themselves. Of course, there is the other side of the coin — when security personnel do. Here is a story about an Air Canada flight attendant denying a passenger permission to carry aboard a pinata bought at the airport after security because she thought it was a security hazzard.

A disappointed Robert Braunschweig said he purchased the animal-shaped pinata — made from papier mache — at a Pearson Airport gift shop after arriving March 13 on an Air Canada flight from Mexico.

Braunschweig said the item was taken from his bag by a flight attendant as he boarded a connecting Air Canada flight to Nova Scotia. She claimed the item was a threat to security.

“My eight-year-old daughter was seriously disappointed,” he said. “She insisted that I bring her something from Mexico so I bought her a small pinata.”

Photo: www.prague-guide.co.uk