Weekend what we’re reading: Norway’s great drives, Spain’s wild festivals, 10 amazing space videos


Enjoy spectacular drives across Norway from the snow-covered plateaus to the narrow, steep and deep fjords. Lose yourself in one of Spain’s wild festivals. And, learn about what life is like in space. The videos are fun and informative.

Norway’s great drives
Halfway between Gielo and BergenOne of the most spectacular drives I have take was across Norway. It was at the end of the winter and I was driving from the ski resort of Geilo to Bergen. The 273 km. drive traced a route across frozen fields where Norwegians were kite skiing in the morning haze and then looped down 1,000 meters of altitude on roads tunneled through sheer rock down from the plateau to sea level where the road curled along the shores of Aurlandsfjord. It is one of Norway’s great drives.

The road between Aurland and Lærdal has its highest point at 1,306 meters above sea level. There is snow along the road most of the summer. Because of this, the road is also called the “Snow road”.

Traveling from Lærdal, the view that opens up on the descent towards the dramatic fjord landscape in and around Aurland is astounding.

A thousand meters down inside the mountain, motorists are passing through the blue and green light of the three mountain halls of the Lærdal Tunnel, at 24.5 kilometers the world’s longest road tunnel. Both roads connect the tourist villages of Aurland and Lærdal in the heart of Sogn. Together, they make up a round trip of contrasts and an experience of the mountain from both inside and outside.

Our experience ended in Bergen, but, as one can imagine, possibilities and the spectacular beauty is amazing.

Beyond the Running of the Bulls: Spain’s 10 wildest festivals

For festivals, Spain is hard to beat. They certainly know how to party. These festivals range from dodging killer bulls to wrestling with wild horses and from fighting with tomatoes to battling crowds with wine. Each festival has a focus, but the real enjoyment comes from life surrounding the key events — talking with friends, eating spectacular meals and dancing with locals, all out to enjoy everything even more than you.

Here’s a list of 10 crazy festivals celebrated across the Iberian peninsula.

1.) El Cascamorras
2.) Bous a la Mar
3.) Nit de Foc
4.) Toro de Fuego
5.) Es Firó
6.) Fiesta de la Mercé
7.) Mare de Deu Festival
8.) Festival of Moralzarzal
9.) A Rapa das Bestas
10.) Battle of Claret

Amazing space videos

From the fjords of Norway and the festivals of Spain we head to outer space where the Canadian astronauts have managed to put together some great videos. Click through to them and enjoy. After all space is the next travel frontier.

Enjoy videos of this Canadian astronaut cleaning up spills in space, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, crying and sleeping — all very different in space.