What we’re reading: $100K vacation, brawl at Beijing airport, first UK 787 to arrive at the end of May


Abercrombie & Kent’s Geoffrey Kent on really expensive holiday

Want to spend $100,000 for your next vacation? Join Geoffrey Kent on a private jet around the world.

The 26-day tour begins in Miami, with guests to visit nine countries on a chartered Boeing 757 fitted with business class seats, an on-board lounge and well-stocked bar.

The itinerary includes a cruise on the Amazon River, a tropical break in Samoa, an audience with the Huli Wigmen in Papua New Guinea, a temple ceremony in Bali and a visit to Komodo National Park to see the prehistoric Komodo dragon.

Passenger captures video of Beijing airport brawl between passengers and employees

It all started when passengers waiting to board a China Eastern flight had to endure unexplained delays and multiple gate changes. From there, it escalated into a brawl with a manager about to throw a metal stool.

Outraged, and after bouncing between several gates, they march en masse to the China Eastern ticket counter to demand an explanation, only to find it empty. They return later and find the staff back at their stations.

First UK 787 to arrive at end of May

UK holiday carrier Thomson Airways will be the first UK airline to receive the 787.

Thomson has confirmed the arrival date for the General Electric GEnx-powered twinjets.
“Preparations are currently being put in place to celebrate its arrival,” says the carrier. “We are excited about welcoming this innovative aircraft into our fleet.”

(Photo: ChrisYunker/Flickr Creative Commons)