What we’re reading: 11 tasty trips, possible shoe bomb threat, the Chicago Spire


Hot chicken and chocolate: 11 tasty trips

If you love food, there’s a good chance you will find a food festival somewhere in the United States. Here are 11 upcoming ones.

February: South Beach Wine and Food Festival
February 20 to 23 in Miami

When other parts of the country are freezing, Miami is at its sunny finest. Late February is the perfect time to jet off to South Beach, filling your days with dips in the ocean and your evenings with events and tastings at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The four-day festival is packed with dozens of events for every palate. Highlights include a fried chicken seminar, an exclusive ocean liner dinner hosted by Anthony Bourdain (with Daniel Boulud, Andrew Carmellini, Eric Ripert and more in the kitchen), a macaron seminar with Francois Payard, a ceviche and pisco event and more.

Homeland Security alerts airlines to possible shoe-bomb threat

If you plan to travel within the next few days, give yourself more time than you normally allow. The DHS has issued a warning regarding a possible shoe bomb threat on flights from overseas into the US.

Several officials familiar with the advisory told NBC News that “very recent intelligence” considered credible warns of possible attempts to attack passenger jets using explosives concealed in shoes.

As a result, officials say, airlines will be paying extra attention to passenger shoes on flights to the US from overseas. Those passengers may also experience increased scrutiny in pat downs and full-body screening.

Will Chicago reclaim the title for ‘Tallest building in the US?

Someone in Chicago doesn’t like the fact that they lost the title of having the tallest building in the US. If plans are approved, the city may reclaim the title with the Chicago Spire building.

Developers have secured investors to pay off the $135 million in debt and take the matter to the City of Chicago for further approval towards building the 1,200-condo spire. A reorganization plan needs to be in place by the end of summer 2014 for the Streeterville building to grow into the sky.

(Photo: wadester16/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • http://tsanewsblog.com/214/news/history-repeats-itself-with-tsas-strip-search-tactics/ Lisa Simeone

    Lions and tigers and shoes, oh my!

    Travelers already take their shoes off. What’s next? Traveling barefoot?

    “passengers may also experience increased scrutiny in pat downs and full-body screening.” Of course. If you’re carrying bombs in your shoes, clearly your genitals must be groped. Makes sense to me!