What we’re reading: $25K chips, AA skids off runway, passenger arrested for striking teen


Bellagio nixing $25,000 chip after heist

Las Vegas casino bosses are telling the bandit who made off with the chips from the Bellagio that he’d better cash those chips in soon or they’ll be worthless.

Bellagio owner MGM Resorts International is giving public notice that it’s discontinuing its standard chip valued at $25,000 and calling for all gamblers holding the chips to redeem them by April 22.

After that, gambling regulators say each red chip with a gray inlay won’t be worth more than the plastic it’s cast from.

American flight skids off runway at Jackson Hole

An American flight from Chicago skidded off a runway at Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Wednesday.

None of the 181 people on board were injured and the plane was not damaged but the accident caused the Jackson Hole airport to close for two hours, airport director Ray Bishop said.

The plane went nose-first into the snow bank.

Passenger arrested for striking teen on flight

An Idaho man was arrested for striking a teen on a Southwest flight.

Boise police took 68-year-old Russell Miller into custody when the flight from Las Vegas landed in Boise late Tuesday evening.

Miller became angry when the teen continued to fiddle with his phone, listening to music and playing games, after the flight crew ordered electronic devices switched off before takeoff, police said.

(Photo: Pacdog/Flickr Creative Commons)