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Luxury Travel: $30,000 romance package at The Langham hotel in Pasadena

Want to take your sweetheart somewhere special this Valentine’s Day? The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, Calif. has the perfect package for you for $30,000.

The overnight package really isn’t as bad as it could be, given that it includes a custom-designed piece of diamond jewelry from Single Stone of Mission Street valued at $20,000. Can we say “wedding proposal”?

Five favorite airline in-flight snacks and where to buy them

Ever crave those airline snacks that some airlines serve on-board? You can get some of them at local grocery stores.

· Constant Craving: Biscoff Cookies
Delta Airlines has raised the hackles of many a customer, but you’ll find few willing to complain about the sweet, crunchy, cinnamony goodness of the Biscoff cookie. We were thrilled to find them in our cookie aisle, but even better? The new Biscoff spread made up of 50% of Biscoff cookies. There’s even a new crunchy version with chunks of cookies in it (swoon!). We’ve tossed aside our peanut butter and Nutella with scorn and slathered this goodness on everything from toast to English muffins. Yeah, it’s a problem.

Where to Get ‘Em: The cookies have been spotted in Walgreens, Ralphs, and even Walmart, but the spread can be found in the peanut butter section in stores like Shop Rite, Kroger, Hannaford, Wegmans, and even on Amazon.com.

Less legroom and recline arriving with Southwest Airlines’ new EVOLVE interior

Southwest Airlines announced that they are upgrading some of the interiors of their planes.

The bottom line is they’re adding more seats which weigh less, boosting revenue by packing passengers and spending less airplane gas to get them to their final destination. However, Southwest says that the new seats are an upgrade for passengers as well, even though there’s technically going to be a little less room for your legs, knees, and feet.

The pitch on the new seats is dropping by an inch or so and there’s also less recline.

(Photo: Langham Hotels)

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