What we’re reading: 737 MAX could arrive early, AMR pilots fire back, preparing to land


Boeing 737 Max could arrive early: Southwest CEO

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said that they could get the 737 MAX ahead of schedule.

“There’s a decent chance they can actually beat that target,” said Southwest Chief Executive Gary Kelly in an interview.

His view mirrors those of senior Boeing executives, wary of the production and design delays that left the 787 Dreamliner more than three years late and also saw the development of the revamped 747 fall behind schedule.

AMR pilots fire back at company over talks

A letter to pilots from Allied Pilots Association President Dave Bates said that AMR “has little interest in reaching a consensual deal with the workers.”

“To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. Management can choose how they handle bankruptcy restructuring,” Bates said.

AMR said in its update on Friday it hopes to reach consensual deals, rather than have terms imposed on workers by the court. The carrier had said talks would resume this week.

Preparing to land

As a follow-up on his article on how the flight crew prepares for a flight, Captain Daniel Fahl takes us behind the scenes as to what happens prior to landing.

As the end of the en route phase of flight nears, pilots begin planning for arrival. Many of the busier airports filter arriving aircraft from all different directions by means of standardized arrival procedures. Each pilot carries with them navigation charts for every airport served by their respective airline, and included are all of the possible procedures that ATC may request to be flown.