Boeing readies short-term battery fix, facing uncertainty

Boeing will propose a way to “bolster the 787’s defenses” against any battery fires that may occur.

The interim fix includes a heavy-duty titanium or steel containment box around the battery cells, and high-pressure evacuation tubes that, in the event of a battery fire, would vent any gases directly to the outside of the jet.

Frontier Airlines announces service from Denver to Eugene and Fresno on A319s

Frontier Airlines will be launching new service from Denver to Eugene, Ore. and Fresno, Calif. starting May 16.

“We are excited to offer our low fares to residents in California and Oregon and to our Colorado customers who travel to these regions,” said Daniel Shurz, Frontier’s senior vice president, commercial.

Love of aviation launches teens’ fight to reopen museum

The Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, Wash. closed because of a contract dispute between the city and the National Park Service. Now, two teens want to re-open the museum.

Brother and sister Kaya and Kjer Galbraith are gathering momentum to reopen the museum through the community and the Internet.

Kaya’s love for aviation soared after spending summers at the Pearson Air Museum camp and at 14 years old she just knows flying is for her.