What we’re reading: A more polite TSA, Southwest pilots confused by lights, Brazil adds flights for World Cup


Congressman wants TSA screeners to say ‘please’ — threatening to make it law

The next time you travel, you may encounter a friendlier Transportation Security Officer if Congressman Gerry Connolly has his way.

TSA staffers just don’t know how to say “please,” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) told TSA official Kelly Hoggan at a hearing, describing a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Connolly told Hoggan to add more [customer service training], or he would draft legislation requiring it, which he predicted would get bipartisan backing.

Southwest pilots tell NTSB they were confused by airport lights

The Southwest Airlines pilots who landed at the wrong Missouri airport told NTSB investigators they mistook the bright runway lights as the ones at the intended destination.

The captain, who has worked for Southwest for 15 years and has about 16,000 flight hours, told investigators it was his first flight into Branson. The first officer, who has been with the airline since 2001, told the NTSB it was his second flight into Branson, but the previous one was during daylight hours.

Brazil to add 1,973 flights for World Cup

Brazil’s aviation regular is expected to grant airlines permission to add 1,973 additional flights to cope with the demand during the World Cup this June and July.

Although the expansion in flights and routes represents only 1 percent of the existing system in Brazil, the number of requests exceeded the 1,500 new flights that had previously been expected.