What we’re reading: AA Chapter 11 filing tweets, site for discount space travel launched, government aircraft ops lack oversight


The Six funniest Twitter reactions to American Airlines’ bankruptcy

After learning of the Chapter 11 filing by American Airlines, the Twitter community shows that it has a sense of humor.

Without further ado, Six of the Funniest Tweets on the American Airlines Bankruptcy:

@badbanana: “With American Airlines stock at 20 cents, I can’t decide between paying for two checked bags or buying half the company.”

@MaxGraham: “American airlines files for bankruptcy. UK embassy in Iran completely overrun. What’s next today. Congress going to declare Jello a fruit?” (now that you mention it…)

Discount space travel site launched

Interested in space travel? A site was recently launched to help you find discount space travel. Like the American Express slogan, “membership has its benefits.”

“Space.Travel was created to fill a void in the burgeoning space tourism industry. With passenger space travel becoming a routine activity, outer space needed a destination website just like any other travel location. A one-stop website for all of your space trip planning,” says Kenneth Schweitzer, Founder of Space.Travel.

In addition to discounts on space-related travel, membership ($99 a year) includes access to a Space Trip Reviews section that invites members to describe and post travel reviews of their experiences.

Government aircraft operations often lack FAA oversight

Non-military government agencies own or lease thousands of aircraft, but they are not under the Federal Aviation Administration oversight when it comes to safety.

But unlike commercial airlines, government agencies are mostly left to police the safety of their flight operations themselves. The Federal Aviation Administration has long said it doesn’t have the authority to apply regulations to government agencies as long as their aircraft are engaged in public missions like firefighting or law enforcement.