What we’re reading: AA has rudest employees, AA creditors prefer stock deal, the world didn’t end


Survey suggests American Airlines has rudest employees among domestic carriers

According to a recent survey by Airfarewatchdog, travelers think that among domestic carriers, American Airlines had the rudest employees.

Ranking last (which in this case means winner) is a four-way tie between Alaska, JetBlue, Frontier and Virgin America. Hmm. Seems budget airlines know how to bring it.

AMR creditors prefer all-stock deal with US Air

American Airlines’ creditors would prefer an all-stock deal with US Airways rather than a partial cash deal.

The creditors of American Airlines’ parent AMR want to capture the full upside from a combination if the airline chooses to emerge from bankruptcy in a merger with its smaller rival, the people said this week.

NASA tells us why the world won’t end with the Mayan calendar next week

NASA is so sure that the world won’t end on December 21 that they made a video for the day after explaining why the world didn’t end.

  • Skeptic

    AS is a budget airline? No one who lives in the state the airline is named for would agree. Take a look at the fares we pay, e.g. ANC-SEA or PDX for $600-700 RT, compared to 1500 mile city pairs in the Lower 48. And the load factors on those flights are near 100%, 100% of the time. As an AS elite I get news of flight “deals” all the time, and virtually all the deals are for Lower 48 travel, including travel from CA to Mexico. AS knows it has actual Alaskans by the short hairs and will get our business no matter what it charges, because we (and our employers) have no other choice on many routes.

    I will say that AS employees tend to be much nicer than those of other domestic airlines, though, and it’s not only because I know a dozen or so pilots and FAs personally.