What we’re reading: Air Canada sued over hot water spill, Gogo upgrades inflight WiFi, electronic postcards


Woman sues Air Canada, alleges she was burned by hot water

An Edmonton woman has sued Air Canada for CAD$206,000 for second-degree burns from a spilled cup of hot water.

[Rema] Halabi alleges one of the flight attendants placed a cup of scalding hot water to make tea on the tray before her.

A passenger seated in front of Halabi then leaned back and jarred the tray, spilling the cup of scalding hot water onto Halabi’s pubic area, the inside of her thighs and down to her knees, the statement of claim says.

Gogo to upgrade inflight Wi-Fi capacity

As in-flight Wi-Fi becomes more popular and more and more passengers are using it, the signal can become weak. Gogo has decided to remedy that situation.

[T]hey’ve fattened the pipes to the plane with the introduction of a new higher capacity system called ATG 4, which is rolling out now on Delta, Virgin America and US Airways jets.

Sending a postcard fun again with new smartphone app

Canvas Wines has partnered with Hyatt Hotels to create an app that allows users to send an electronic postcard.

Users can select a pre-made postcard design, upload a photo from their smartphone or take a new photo. A hand-written note is not an option, but including a personalized headline and custom message is.

  • Carrie Charney

    I don’t think I’ve ever gotten water, on a plane, hot enough to brew a teabag.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another money grab by an undeserving scam artist. I hope the Canadian court system makes short work of her.