What we’re reading: Alaska Airlines’ on-time award, planespotting at LAX, first MD-80 freighter


Alaska Airlines wins on-time performance award three years in a row

FlightStats.com has named Alaska Airlines as the number one North American major airline for on-time performance three years in a row.

Alaska’s average on-time rate for 2012 was 87.26. The average on-time performance was 79.62 percent among North American carriers.

Airplane spotters always have a field day at LAX

For those living in the Los Angeles area and love planes, there’s no better place to watch airplanes take off and land at LAX than El Segundo.

Just about every day, this small park near the corner of East Imperial Avenue and Main Street is filled with people watching airplanes taxi, land and take off. But only a handful of them — their long camera lenses give them away — are true airplane enthusiasts.

Blogger’s note: Another good place to watch airplanes and learn about the history of LAX and the airlines is the FlightPath Learning Center-Museum located at 6661 West Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, Calif.

First MD-80 freighter set to fly in U.S.

Normally the MD-80 is used to ferry passengers. Aeronautical Engineers (AEI), however, has received a supplemental type certificate (STC) to operate the airplane as a freighter.

The STC allows for conversions of the passenger-configured MD-81, MD-82, MD-83 and MD-88, of which McDonnell Douglas built 779 during their 20-year production run.