What we’re reading: American opinions on the TSA, summering in Alaska, Tavern on the Green reopens


Who screens the screeners? American opinions on the TSA

The Harris Poll recently asked Americans what they thought of the TSA.

When it comes to who are acceptable candidates to become TSA agents, Americans appear flexible on qualifications but mindful of past misdeeds. Majorities feel it would be acceptable for someone who didn’t attend college (81 percent) or who has no previous law enforcement experience (63 percent) to become a TSA agent. On the other hand, majorities feel someone who was disciplined for misconduct in a previous job (76 percent), or who has been convicted of driving under the influence (72 percent) or of a non-violent crime (68 percent) would not be an acceptable candidate.

Summering in Alaska is a “thing” and here’s why you should do it

Thinking of some place different for your summer vacation? How about Alaska?

1. Anchors away in Anchorage
Earn all of the money back you spent on your Alaskan vacation by panning for gold in Alaska’s biggest city. But with temperatures in the 60s, it’s also awesome weather to catch some King Salmon or go “bear viewing.”

Iconic Central Park restaurant Tavern on the Green reopens

Tavern on the Green was one of the places to go if you’re in Central Park. It opened in 1934 and it closed in 2009. Restaurateurs Jim Cailoa and David Salama decided to reopen it Thursday.

The property’s exterior Gothic façade was restored, and a curved trellis of espalier fruit trees now leads to the entry garden and bar terrace. The restaurant’s Bar Room, which features a dark mahogany bar and a scagliola fireplace with carved sheep heads, can seat up to 150 people. The South Wing, with mirrored panels and upholstered walls in green and brown fabric, seats 120.