What we’re reading: America’s best airport, Boeing to decide on 777X, 787 could start flying again


A perfect day after landing at North America’s best airport

Airport Council International named Indianapolis International Airport as the best airport in North America.

Inside, the space is contemporary, bright and calm. The layout is so intuitive that you rarely look for signage. You can see outside from every spot except the restrooms. Many of the restaurants are satellites of better local independents. There’s none of that stale, claustrophobic, generic feeling common to airports, nor is the scale so massive that the place feels deserted.

Boeing to decide on the 777X by April

Boeing’s board of directors will decide by April whether to give the go ahead to sell the 777-8X and the 777-9X.

The B777-8X is designed to replace the B777-200LR and -300ER series while the B777-9X model offers 400+ seats. Boeing has not yet decided on engine options, but is considering powering both the B777-8X and -9X with a newer and more powerful GE90, which would be the GE9X. However, some airlines would like to have a choice and enjoy the competitive market of having more than one engine option that sometimes (if not usually) lowers the price.

Boeing sees 787 airborne in weeks

Boeing is confident that the FAA will approve its new fortified power pack and will allow the 787 to be airborne in a few weeks.

Boeing, which has Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to test its new battery for certification, said it will encase the redesigned power pack in a steel box, pack it with added insulation, heat-resistant material and spacers, drill drain holes to remove moisture, and vent any gases from overheating directly to the atmosphere outside the aircraft.

(Photo: urbanophile/Flickr Creative Commons)