What we’re reading: America’s most romantic towns, Eurail ‘early bird’ free travel, Singapore Airlines’ new in-flight map


10 of America’s most romantic towns

Want to get away with your sweetheart this Valentine’s day? Check out this list of places put together by Travel + Leisure via CNN.

No. 1 St. Simons, Georgia

America’s top town for romance strikes the right balance between seclusion and accessibility. Located on one of Georgia’s Golden Isles, this southern-style beach town has both white sands and live oaks, and was a hit with readers in romance-friendly categories such as picnicking and charming cafés.

Eurail offers “early birds” two to five free travel days

If you’ll be traveling to Europe soon, you can take advantage of a promotion offered by Eurail for non-European residents.

The “Early Bird” campaign offers two extra travel days for the 15-day Eurail Global Pass, three extra travel days for the 21-day Eurail Global Pass and five extra travel days for a one month Eurail Global continuous Pass.

Are we there yet? New in-flight maps point to more fun on planes

A number of airlines with seatback entertainment systems offer an option of watching your flight progress. However, this can get pretty boring. Singapore Airlines decided to add a feature that makes it more interesting.

The map, which so far is only available on the Singapore-London route, comes pimped out with a range of nature photography and geographic fun facts. Information is doled out in real time, so that while a passenger is passing over the United Kingdom, for example, he’ll be met with a pop-up that explains the origins of the English Channel.

(Photo: Ebyabe/Wikimedia Commons)