ANA sets first 787 routes

ANA has set where they will be flying the first 787.

ANA Group announced its first Boeing 787 regular domestic service will be routes from Tokyo Haneda to Okayama and Hiroshima, both beginning Nov. 1. It will also operate a special charter flight between Tokyo Narita and Hong Kong Oct. 26-27.

iPhoneography: Make your iPhone travel pictures spectacular

If you have an iDevice with a camera, then there are some apps that can improve the quality of the pictures that you take.

Camera + $0.99
If you’re looking to improve your photo game in a single app, Camera+ is a great way to go. This is the app of choice for non-photographers or people who don’t care about the technical side of shooting, but who want to make their images look better. Not only is it user friendly, it’s intuitive and almost impossible to mess up — and it also gives you control over the strength of its filters and effects.

Why it costs so much to fly from these airports

So how come it is more expensive to fly from one airport than another? The Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney explains.

Pricing airline tickets is much like a rug bazaar, where the airlines try to get as much as they can out of each passenger. An analysis of fares compiled by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that in the end, the lack of low-fare competition and presence of a dominant major carrier at a hub have the greatest impact on pricing.