What we’re reading: Airport scanner radiation, man wears 70 items of clothing, full-fare air ads in Canada


TSA wants to know if airport body scanners are nuking you

The TSA wants to find out, once and for all, whether their whole-body scanners are bombarding you with unacceptable levels of radiation.

Editor note: Under duress, TSA commissions the study. If its previous studies were so accurate, why doesn’t TSA just roll out the ones they claim show no radiation? Guess they may have been phantom studies. Heaven knows, advocates, Senators and Representatives have all been clamoring for these studies for years.

The TSA is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences — a private non-profit filled with engineer and science scholars — to set the record straight. The academy’s mission is to review three other body-scanner studies — which have come under fire from the scientific community — and to also study passenger screening and manufacturing procedures “to estimate radiation exposure resulting from backscatter X-ray advanced imaging technology.”

Man wears 70 items of clothing at airport to avoid baggage charge

An unidentified man showed up at a Chinese airport looking like a sumo wrestler.

He did not want to pay the extra baggage costs, and thus took out and wore more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans.

Canada introduces air ticket full-price advertising rules

The Canadian government is now requiring all airlines to advertise the total ticket price including mandatory taxes and fees.

Print advertising, billboards and online ads will also be required to state the cost of [mandatory] taxes and fees included in the actual airfare.