Are airplane pilots too dependent on technology?

Today’s airplanes are so sophisticated that a pilot doesn’t need to be involved in flying the plane. But are they too dependent on technology? This 20/20 report takes a look at what happens if the pilots rely too much on it.

What happens when those computers suddenly shut off? Are pilots really ready to take over? We’ll take you inside the cockpit; watch what happens when we turn that autopilot off.

TSA at the airport: inconvenient, or just plain incompetent?

Has TSA officers stopped paying attention in their daily duties? Some people seem to think so.

According to a new poll just out of air travel information website Airfarewatchdog, almost 50 percent of travelers say they have “accidentally gotten a banned item past the TSA and onto their flight” at least once. Nearly one passenger in four says they’ve had this particular (ahem) “accident” happen “on multiple occasions.”

Flights canceled as winter storm grips northeast US

A winter storm that hit the Northeast Tuesday canceled 3000 flights, shutting down schools and government offices.

About 3,000 airline flights in the United States were canceled, according to FlightAware. The bad weather left thousands of air travelers wondering when they were going to get home.