What we’re reading: Avoid Newark airport this summer, PHX bus drivers strike, TSA denies boarding to disabled passenger


Why you’ll want to avoid Newark Airport for 75 days this summer

If you plan on going to Newark this summer, you may want to fly into either LaGuardia or JFK.

The Newark Airport AirTrain will be closed for necessary repairs for 75 days during summer’s peak travel season: May 1 – July 15. Rubbing salt into the wound, not even Amtrak will be stopping at Newark Airport’s train station, meaning the only option for public transportation is a replacement shuttle bus leaving from downtown Newark.

Additionally, with no AirTrain, travelers making transfers between terminals or heading out to the parking or rental car lots will also need to pile in the shuttle buses. Yuck.

Phoenix Airports shuttle bus drivers strike

A strike by shuttle bus drivers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport could affect those that rely on it to get to rental car lots and from one terminal to another.

Union officials said an estimated 180 drivers and other related workers took to the picket lines at the off-airport rental car facility that serves the US’s 10th busiest airport, protesting a contract proposed by Veolia Transportation.

“We don’t want to put anybody in the general public out, but Veolia is giving us no choice,” Bob Bean, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1433, told Reuters news agency. The union represents the striking workers.

Valley woman claims disabled sister not allowed to fly

A woman from Surprise, Ariz., claims that her sister wasn’t allowed to go through security to board her flight from LAX to Phoenix because she couldn’t say her name.

Chantel says it’s due to a stroke that took away Heidi’s ability to speak or write 10 years ago.

“When he started to say ‘Say your name!’ my sister wanted to go so bad, that she starts saying ‘Coo…coo,'” cried Chantel, imitating the exchange she heard over speaker phone between a TSA agent and her sister.

(Photo: Andrew Nash/Flickr Creative Commons)