What we’re reading: Baby-free quiet zones, ATC changes at O’Hare, passengers restrain unruly traveler


Airline to offer baby-free ‘quiet zone’

Starting February 2013, AirAsia will be offering a quiet zone at the front of its airplanes.

The carrier will reserve the first seven economy class rows “exclusively for guests age 12 and above,” the company says on its website. There’s no extra cost for passengers to book in this section, except the regular fee charged for certain seats with more legroom.

New ATC changes at Chicago’s O’Hare airport reduce midair collision chances

New ATC procedures are being implemented at Chicago’s O’Hare airport to reduce the risk of midair collisions.

Part of the revision includes a warning system for controllers that will alert them if a plane is approaching to land while a another plane is about to take off on one of the runways that cross the landing plane’s runway. O’Hare has three runways which either physically cross each other or come close enough that air traffic could collide.

Passenger restrained on flight

Several passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Chicago to John Wayne airport used belts to restrain a man who was harassing and scaring other passengers.

David Truong, owner of Mimi’s Jewelry in Fountain Valley, said the erratic passenger on United Flight 473 put him on immediate alert.

“You see stuff like this on TV and the news, but you never think it’s going to happen to you,” Truong said Wednesday.

(Photo: Marufish/Flickr Creative Commons)