What we’re reading: Best Western’s Facebook awards, sliding airplane seats, woman sues Southwest over spilled tea


Facebook voters have spoken! Thousands cast votes for Best Western’s most unique and impressive hotels worldwide

Best Western International asked Facebook users to vote in the first Fan Awards in several categories.

Best Western’s more than 4,000 hotels from around the world were encouraged to submit nominations in categories ranging from Most Unique Hotel to Best View from a Hotel Room and a panel of travel industry experts reviewed the nominations and selected the five finalists for each category.

New sliding jetliner seat designed to speed up boarding

A Denver company has come up with a way to speed up boarding.

Molon Labe Designs’ Side-Slip Seat is an aisle seat that slides on top of the middle seat to create more room in the aisle. Once boarding is over, the aisle seat returns to its normal position.

Smyrna woman sues Southwest Airlines for $800K over spilled tea during flight

A woman is suing Southwest Airlines because she spilled tea on her lap and suffered second-degree burns.

She was seated on the first row of the plane, so she didn’t have a drop-down table, or any other flat surface, available to her. [Angelica] Keller [the plaintiff] claims the tea bag was wedged between two cups and when she tried to extricate it, the water spilled on her lap.

(Photo: Best Western International)